Self-watering flower box Aqua Palido

product innovations


Our successful “Palido” flower box is now also equipped with our proven and award-winning irrigation system.

The Aqua Palido self-watering flower box offers considerable advantages and makes gardening child’s play.






Good for you and your plants

Very good water and nutrient supply: Plants thrive best when they have constant access to water. In addition, they can only absorb nutrients in solution, i.e. in combination with water via the roots. When the water reservoir is full, they grow evenly and healthily.

Less watering: The water reservoir collects several litres and supplies the plants with enough water over several days, depending on the intensity of the sun.



How does our irrigation system actually work?


  • The insert floor creates a double floor that provides enough space for a large water reservoir.
  • Through the openings in the base, the plant can draw the required water directly over the roots.
  • Overflow openings prevent waterlogging
  • The water level indicator shows how much water is still available.


Tip: If the self-watering flower box is freshly planted, the roots are not long enough to draw the water from the water reservoir. Therefore, it is important to pour by hand at the beginning!


The “Aqua Palido” self-watering flower box will be available from January 2020.

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