Geli represents sustainability


Geli represents sustainability

Sustainability, ecology and environmental protection take priority at Geli. For us, these aren’t just buzzwords but instructions for action that are shored up with concrete measures. As a green company, we are committed to ecology and protecting the environment. It is with good reason that our slogan is ‘Goods for Green’.
Every day, we work towards protecting resources, manufacturing environmentally friendly products and improving our processes. We have opted for an internal energy policy with clear targets, and our energy team is dedicated to making these targets a reality.
Since 2012, all of the electricity we use has come from environmentally friendly sources. Back in 2008, we had a PV system measuring almost 10,000 square metres installed on the roof of our logistics centre in Freigericht-Bernbach, which has since enabled us to save more than three million kilograms of CO2. All of the electricity we procure externally comes from 100% renewable sources. This commitment to green energy has been certified by TÜV Rheinland inspection and certification authority.
The majority of our heating comes from the waste heat of our machines, topped up by modern condensation boiler systems that can achieve excellent efficiency ratings. We keep a constant eye on our biggest sources of energy consumption, with energy meters installed on all relevant systems. Consumption is constantly monitored and analysed; through regular purchases, we keep our machinery up to date, which puts us in a good position not only from a technical point of view, but also enables us to consistently lower our electricity consumption. Our staff are instructed not to waste energy and only to use energy where necessary.
One of our aims is to reduce our energy consumption in our production facility little by little every year. In concrete terms, we want to reduce our electricity consumption in manufacturing by around 2.5% every year while still maintaining the product volume. We have always been successful with this aim so far.

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